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T-Shirt to Tank Top

Boston Red Sox T-shirt
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I recently joined a gym. It was time.

To celebrate my new gym membership, I decided to make a few tank tops out of big, boxy t-shirts using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. I made one a while ago and love it–it gives me some coverage but isn’t as frumpy as a big ol’ t-shirt.

Behold the original tee:

Begin the transformation by preparing the shirt for cutting:

First you’ll cut the hem off the bottom of the t-shirt. Discard it.

Next, cut a second strip off the bottom. It will be your drawstring/straps:

The sleeves are the next to go:

Next cut off the collar. This is what it will look like with all your pieces cut:

Now you’re ready to start pinning this bad boy. You’ll be sewing the neck so that you can run the strap/drawstring through. I allowed for a 1 inch hem to allow room for the drawstring.

Sew the neck hem. Back:


Now take your drawstring (cut it so it’s one long string) and attach a safety pin to one end to make threading it through the neck easier:

Run it through the neck:

Pull the drawstring through and thread it through the back:

Before you sew the drawstring closed, try the shirt on to adjust the fit. I prefer more of a halter-type fit but if you make the drawstring straps longer it’ll hang more like a tank top. Sew the drawstring closed and voila, your finished tank:

Another option is to tie your drawstring thusly:

So cute!

I wore the Barcelona tank to the gym and it was perfect. Roomy but not too boxy, and the perfect amount of coverage.



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  1. CUTE! Looks not to difficult, even if you don’t have a sewing machine.

    July 31, 2012
  2. Holly #

    I agree, Antoinette. It would be very easy and quick to hand sew.

    July 31, 2012

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