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Open House: Modern Cube

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There’s something you should know about us: we can’t resist an open house. Call us nosy, but going to open houses is a good way to keep up with what’s happening in the local real estate market, plus, it’s just fun to look at other people’s houses. When the house across the street came up for sale and held its first open house, we hustled right on over.

I was interested in seeing this home for a couple of reasons: first, its quite a bit bigger and higher end then our place. Second, it’s what we call a “modern cube.” There are several on our street, and while I think they are quite attractive, many people lament the loss of the original cottages that used to line the streets of Venice. Quite often a buyer in our neighborhood will purchase a home to tear down and then they re-build one of these modern cube homes.

I’m on the fence about it. My own house is a contemporary craftsman built in 2001. Not much remains of the original structure (built in 1923), perhaps only the foundation. It’s bigger than most of the original homes in Venice but because it’s a craftsman, it retains some of the look of “old Venice.”

But like I said, I tend to like the modern cubes even if I don’t want one for myself.

On with the open house! Here’s the entry:

Directly to the left is a half bathroom:

Here’s where I need to make the obligatory apology for the quality of some of these photos. In my defense, I only had my iPhone on me. Plus, at this point I hadn’t asked for permission to photograph the place so I was kind of doing it quickly, on the sly.

I’m crafty that way. Crafty devilish, you might say.

Here is the shower in the half bath:

Onward to the main living area:

As you might expect, this was an open-concept living space. The kitchen, dining area, and living room were all part of the same large room.

Interesting cook top. I forgot to check the manufacturer:

I definitely had some faucet envy:

The main living area opened up into a courtyard at the back of the house:


Kangaroo paw:

Upstairs, there was a large, open landing that served as an office area:

There was a guest room with a beautiful attached bath:

The master bedroom:

The master bathroom was very dramatic, filled with simple shapes and concrete:

Really beautiful:

I’m so sad this photo turned out blurry but I include it because it shows the layout of the main living room (seen from the upstairs landing):

Seen from a slightly different angle:

In addition to the rooms shown here, there is a finished basement that included a large living area, a guest room and bath. At the rear of the property is a garage with an art studio upstairs. So lots of square footage in this place.

That concludes our first open house post. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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  1. sabrina ogden #

    Wow… the master bath is my favorite. I love the wood around the bathtub. Although it looks nice, I’m not a fan of the modern cube. It has no personality, imho. But then, I live in a shack, so…=)

    August 1, 2012
  2. Holly #

    I loved the shower and the bathtub of the master bath. Overall the house was very cavernous and cold though. Not my cup of tea.

    August 1, 2012

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