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Craftsman House Tour – Exterior

Exterior Wide Shot
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When we moved into our house in February 2011, it looked like this:

Not bad as far as exteriors go, and to be honest, I think the cheerful blue color is one of the first things that attracted me to the house when I first saw pictures of it online. Well, that and the house itself is adorable.

Still, it was kind of bright, and didn’t complement its surroundings like a true craftsman should. So last summer, we had it painted and now it looks like this:

So. Much. Better.

But wait, don’t you want to see more?

This is our front door. I tell ya, it’s indecent how much I love this door. I love the color, I love the little window, I love the hardware. If you don’t love your own door, consider painting it a kick ass color like red or yellow or orange. It will change your life, I guarantee it. I currently have a thing for yellow doors, but previously it was red and of course my own door is kind of an orangey color.

See the door mat? It says “Peace, Love, Paws.” Pretty much sums up my whole life philosophy.

This is the street view. The previous owner created lots of privacy by planting ficus around the inside fence. I like it because privacy is a good thing, especially when you live in such a densely populated area and your neighbors are right up on you. But it would be nice to someday remove that ficus so the house is more visible from the street. I’d love to sit out on my porch in a rocking chair, drinking lemonade and waving to my neighbors.

Who am I kidding? I’d be drinking Old Fashioneds.

Before I end this tour of the exterior, I need to include something about my street that I love even more than the door:

See those palm trees? They are magnificent. They make me smile every time I see them. They’re called Washingtonia Robustas and were planted around Los Angeles to beautify the city for the 1932 Summer Olympics. They say many of these trees are coming to the end of their lives and won’t be replanted (they’ll be replaced with other trees that are better at trapping air pollution and such). I guess I’ll have to enjoy them while I can. <sob>

Next on the tour: the living room/dining room!

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