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Hot Tub Disconnection and Removal

Goodbye hot tub. May you bring someone else great enjoyment. Also, note how big the truck is.
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After we finally decided to get rid of our hot tub the actual removal was pretty quick. We placed an ad on Craigslist (probably priced it a bit low), got some calls, and the first guy arranged pickup two days later, and now it’s gone.

I made it very clear in the ad that they would have to have experienced movers, as the tub weighs about a thousand pounds. As it turned out the guys who showed up were experienced hot tub movers, but it was almost too much for them. Had it just been a bunch of guys and a pickup, then that would have been a recipe for disaster.

First step was to drain the tub. You can just drain it as normal, by gravity, but the movers brought a pump, which made it all go a lot faster. While it pumped they removed the cover and loaded it on the truck.

Disconnecting the wiring was pretty straightforward. First step, of course, was to switch off the power at the breaker box, and check the wiring was dead. Then I just clipped the wires where they came up through the conduit that poked through a hole in the plywood base of the hot tub. You can see this on the left here.


Once the wiring was cut there’s nothing holding it to the ground, so they just lifted it up onto its site. At least they tried, the thing was so heavy it did not budge. I got in there to help them out, and we just managed it. Once on its side it was tilted onto a corner, and then onto this extra-large dolly with big wheels.

Down a step into the alley. The big soft wheels really helped here. A regular furniture dolly with hard wheels would have sunk into the dirt, and then probably broken as it hit the alley. As it was there was pretty much no damage.

It’s out! Just waiting for the truck to pull alongside.

It was a pretty simple matter to tilt it onto the truck – assuming you know what you are doing. I’d not be surprised to learn there are several “crushed by hot tub” deaths every year.

Goodbye hot tub. May you bring someone else great enjoyment. Also, note how big the truck is.

Gone! Now we’ve got an eight foot square of gravel, and a conduit with 240 volt wires sticking out of it.

The leftover wiring. The movers capped them, even though I’m about to remove them. That conduit is pretty solid. The power, of course, is off.

I cut and capped the wiring at the closest junction box, and then pulled out what was left in the conduit. I then dug down to where the conduit entered the square, and sawed it off. You can just see the end of it poking under the board.

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