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Farm Fresh to You – The Joy of a CSA Box

Farm Fresh to You CSA Box
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Biweekly Tuesday mornings are a little like Christmas at Casa West because that’s when our CSA (community supported agriculture) box arrives. Here’s what it contained this morning:

Celery, leaf lettuce, carrots (Mick calls them Bugs Bunny carrots), arugula, cucumber, broccolette, red plums, Hass avocado, white peaches, new potatoes, and flame seedless grapes.

We’ve been getting our box from Farm Fresh to You for a few years now (with a brief intermission) and there’s never been a lapse in quality or service, not even once. We get the regular mixed box ($31.50) every two weeks and make only a couple supplementary fruit/vegetable runs in the mean time. I can easily spend $40 or more a week at the local farmer’s market so for us, the CSA box is a deal.

As soon as I open it I start thinking about recipes. We eat pretty simply during the week and our meals often consist of only a protein (usually chicken or fish) and a vegetable or two. There’s a few salads worth of ingredients here so we’ll likely have those first and I’ll mix up different vinaigrettes and dressings as accompaniments. The broccolette is one of the vegetables I reach for when I need something quick as it requires little time to prepare, and I eat the carrots and celery straight from the fridge as a snack during the day. Ditto for the fruit.

But what of my own garden you may ask? (And if you don’t ask, just bear with me while I answer it anyway). Well, it was meager to begin with–just a tomato plant, basil, flat leaf parsley, jalapeno, grapes, and a Meyer lemon tree.

Grape vine and tomatoes

 To date, I’ve harvested one jalapeno. I call it the $100 pepper, but since there’s another ready to be harvested, it will soon become the $50 pepper.

Aspiring to become a $50 pepper.

Does anyone know what that dirt/mold could be on the leaves?

I do have high hopes for a couple of $10 tomatoes:

 And I can’t wait to make $5 lemonade with some of these puppies:

As you can see, we’d starve if it weren’t for the CSA box.

What grows in your garden? Do share! (And by share, I mean send me some delicious veggies).

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