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Craftsman House Tour – Office/Guest Room

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Since we moved into this house in February 2011, I’ve had my office in the guest room, the media room, and the master bedroom, then back to the guest room. Mick, that lucky dog, has an office all to himself, and even though I had several options for where my own office would be, all of the rooms needed to serve some sort of double duty.

In the end, I decided the guest room was my best option.

Here it is right before we moved in:

Yes, I know it’s a terrible picture but it was the best one I could find.

Here it is now:

I took my decorating inspiration from Mad Men. I trolled Craigslist for weeks looking for a desk and that dresser, but finally found the perfect ones.

The chair is from IKEA but it’s just a place holder for when I can afford this one:

I always say I’m going to buy it with my first advance check, but advances are getting lower and lower so I might have to wait a long time before I get this baby.

Ditto for this:

The bed has a trundle that pops up so guests have a king-sized bed. Though the furniture is big (especially the desk) the room is easily rearranged to comfortably accomodate guests.

This office suits me perfectly. The wall color is somewhat intense while still managing to be peaceful and creativity-inducing. And remember the giant fork and spoon? They’re painted the same color but don’t they seem lighter than the walls?

Next up on the tour: the media room!

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