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Craftsman House Tour – Living/Dining Room

Picture of living room before
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This is what our living room looked like when we moved into the house in February 2011. See how we tried to make a cozy little settee out of dining room chairs? I stole that trick from Young House Love.

I knew from day one I’d be painting those mint green walls and changing out the green glass in the overhead lights. At night, when all the lights were on, everything took on a strange green tinge. I love green but ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

While it is a lovely room, I have to admit finding a layout that works has been a challenge. I’ll be doing a post at a later date on all the different configurations we’ve tried. But for now, the one that’s stuck and seems to work out best is this:

Granted this photo is from a slightly different angle, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The entry is pretty sparsely furnished, but considering there’s very little room to work with, that’s an asset. And it contains one of my favorite pieces in the house–my grandfather’s guitar.

This shot shows just how little room there is between the sofa and the door, but I like how the sofa creates a small passageway when you walk through the front door.

A simple mantel display: an authentic Japanese katana, a David Hockney print, Chinese foo dogs, and a Frank Lloyd Wright clock.

Lamp from IKEA:

This Hans Olsen for Juul Kristensen chair and its twin were purchased on Craigslist.

No room for a coffee table in this snug space, so I used a side table:

Built in buffet:

And finally, a shot of the dining table featuring part of my Catherineholm collection:

Next on the tour, the kitchen!

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