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Craftsman House Tour – Kitchen

Kitchen Wide Shot
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The kitchen might just be my favorite room in the house, which is saying a lot since I pretty much love every room in my house.

It’s also the room that needs the most work. I have plans for this room, but after the renovation we did on the condo last year, neither Mick or I are all that keen on starting another, even a small one. Plus, renovating takes lots of money and we’re in the mood to save a little right now.

But enough of that, let’s start the tour, shall we?

Here’s the view of the kitchen from the far south wall.

Let’s face it: that’s a hell of a lot of knotty pine. The floor stays–it’s reclaimed wood and I don’t want to touch it. The cabinets however…

The cabinets are solid wood and are in fine condition, so they stay too. But what about a nice little paint job? I’m thinking white. This is a job for professionals, however since I absolutely don’t trust myself to tackle it. I’m too sloppy and these cabinets need to be done right.

The stove is Merritt & O’Keefe circa 1950 and it stays too. I used to dream of a high end Wolfe range or maybe even an AGA, but now I only have eyes for my Merritt & O’Keefe.

The other refrigerator resides opposite the stove:

It’s a basic Sub-Zero with “vintage” panels. I think it’s charming, even if it’s not really old.

Of course the kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a sprinkling of Catherineholm:

And another:

God I love this stuff. It’s not just a collection–I use most of the pieces several times a week.

The other side of the room features a cute little table and chairs, all purchased at IKEA:

Mick doesn’t like the glass table but what does he know? It works with the room.

I used to hate this big, generic armoire until I painted the doors with chalk paint. We use it to record our shopping list, then when it’s time to go shopping I take a photo of it with my iPhone and off we go. We forget a lot less stuff at the store now.

Here’s where we keep the chalk:

I guess when I say “renovate” what I really mean is “paint the cabinets.” But we do have thoughts of opening up the kitchen to the dining/living room, which would be big project, at least a few years down the line. For now, we enjoy the kitchen as is.

Next on the tour, the office/guest room!


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