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Hot Tub Disconnection and Removal

After we finally decided to get rid of our hot tub the actual removal was pretty quick. We placed an ad on Craigslist (probably priced it a bit low), got some calls, and the first guy arranged pickup two days later, and now it’s gone.

I made it very clear in the ad that they would have to have experienced movers, as the tub weighs about a thousand pounds. As it turned out the guys who showed up were experienced hot tub movers, but it was almost too much for them. Had it just been a bunch of guys and a pickup, then that would have been a recipe for disaster.

First step was to drain the tub. You can just drain it as normal, by gravity, but the movers brought a pump, which made it all go a lot faster. While it pumped they removed the cover and loaded it on the truck. Read more

Exhaust Fan Install in the Garage

I spend quite a bit of time in the garage, as that’s where my workbench and tools are. But it gets very hot in the summer. There’s no ventilation, and the black roof just soaks up the sun, heating up the air in the garage from the top down. So I decided to install a fan to suck out that hot air, to be replaced with cool air in through the window.

The obvious spot for a fan would be through the roof, at the highest point possible. But I decided to do it through the wall instead, only slightly lower, as it seemed like an easier install, and far less chance of leaking, and causing rot. Here’s where it ended up (it’s the black square just to the left)

Exhaust fan on the garage exterior, alley side.

Read more