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Posts from the ‘Sewing’ Category

T-Shirt to Tank Top

I recently joined a gym. It was time.

To celebrate my new gym membership, I decided to make a few tank tops out of big, boxy t-shirts using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. I made one a while ago and love it–it gives me some coverage but isn’t as frumpy as a big ol’ t-shirt.

Behold the original tee:

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Placemat Throw Pillows

Before I get started, credit must be given. I totally stole the idea of making a throw pillow out of a placemat from Katie at Bower Power. Take a moment to explore her blog; it's lots of fun.

Right before my surgery I found this idea on Katie's blog and vowed as soon as I was up and about I'd make a few of these. True to my word, last week after my physical therapy appointment I headed over to Bed, Bath & Beyond and chose a few placemats I thought would make pretty pillows. I chose three but for the purposes of demonstration I'll use the zebra print.


This is what it looked like when it was just a plain ol' placemat and not a super-terrific pillow.

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