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Posts from the ‘Kitchens’ Category

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Most fires in the home start in the kitchen. So I decided we probably should have a fire extinguisher in there. I found they make them specifically for kitchens, and I ended up getting the Kidde FX10K Kitchen Fire Extinguisher. It’s incredibly cheap for the peace of mind it offers, just around $22.

Kidde Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

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Open House: Modern Cube

There’s something you should know about us: we can’t resist an open house. Call us nosy, but going to open houses is a good way to keep up with what’s happening in the local real estate market, plus, it’s just fun to look at other people’s houses. When the house across the street came up for sale and held its first open house, we hustled right on over.

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Stella Gets a Bath

Don’t let Stella’s delicate looks fool you–girlfriend likes to roll around in some pretty disgusting things, which usually results in this:

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Craftsman House Tour – Kitchen

The kitchen might just be my favorite room in the house, which is saying a lot since I pretty much love every room in my house.

It’s also the room that needs the most work. I have plans for this room, but after the renovation we did on the condo last year, neither Mick or I are all that keen on starting another, even a small one. Plus, renovating takes lots of money and we’re in the mood to save a little right now.

But enough of that, let’s start the tour, shall we?

Here’s the view of the kitchen from the far south wall.

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